A82 Pulpit Rock


The A82 road winds along one side of the loch lomond,  major re-construction work was needed to improve traffic flow that has, been for many years hindered due to a major landslide which blocked one lane of the original road width.   The solution to this problem was the construction of a new road lane, however due to the road restrictions; the only option was to construct the new lane out over the banks of the loch replacing the long-standing traffic light controls which caused many lengthly delays.

We carried out work in full package - supplying Concrete and Reinforcing Bar.  We partnered with PERI Ltd, and special formwork solutions were developed to meet the demands of the structure together with the limited road access to construction work areas. 

The specialised solution was found within the PERI VARIOKIT product range specifically in the VK-P platform system.  VK-P enabled the cantilevered concrete parapet, slabs and up-stands to be supported from the main bridge superstructure and was pre-fabricated before placing on site.

Additional challenges were presented by the structure itself including a cross-fall and longitudinal curvature along the road route.  PERI detailed, designed and tailored the VK-P platforms so that they could work within the constraints of the roadway.  This well-travelled road had to remain open at all times as a single carriageway for everyday traffic and only minimal road-closures were permitted during some night time periods.



Loch Lomond, Scotland