Concrete Finishes

Concrete is poured wet compacted, levelled and then floated to achieve the required surface finish There are a selection of surface finishes which can be achieved ie.


Power Floated Concrete

Power floated concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas both foot and fork lift dependent on depth.  Power float machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface adjusting the tilt to achieve a hardened surface.


Hand Trowelled Concrete

Hand trowelled concrete can be laid in small areas where a power float would not be able to gain access. The screed / concrete is either mixed on site or pre mixed from our suppliers, the mix is placed and screeded off to gain the required level. The surface is allowed to stiffen, then a steel trowel passed over the surface to close the matrix.


Brushed Finish Concrete

Brushed Finish Concrete is typically used as a wearing surface on external yards producing high slip resistance and allowing the water to drain to the falls created. A brushed finish is obtained by pulling a brush over the surface of the fresh concrete, after the surface has been levelled and allowed to harden slightly. The type of finish obtained will depend upon the coarseness of the brush bristles.


Tamped Concrete

is a none slip really course finish, suitable for maximum grip for traffic A tamped finish is produced by raising and lowering a beam to compact the surface of the concrete creating a rough surface.


Surface Hardening

Surface hardeners for industrial concrete floor requiring additional abrasion resistance.  Dry shake is placed on the top layer of the already placed concrete this is then power floated into the top layer of the  existing concrete. This is then power floated to the polished finish often required in warehouse or distribution centers.


With over 40 years of background knowledge and further training in concrete technology we supply a team of experienced concrete technicians who can advise design and install your required product.